Good Samaritan Rescues Baby After Some Shocking Parenting



A good Samaritan was forced to smash a stranger’s windshield to rescue a baby boy from  sweltering hot car while his father shopped in the supermarket.

Angela Radtke, from San Antonio, Texas, saw the one-year-old child locked in a car in the parking lot of a supermarket on Saturday afternoon and raised the alarm.

Passersby and security guards warned her that she could be arrested for damaging the car. She chose to ignore them and smashed through the windshield with a tire iron.

She then climbed inside the car to pull out the youngster- slicing her own arms, legs and back on broken glass in the process.


‘I don’t care if I get arrested, I’m going to save this baby,’ Radtke told witnesses.

When she pulled him out, she said the baby was running a temperature and looked red.

Radtke, who was not charged because of Texas’ ‘good Samaritan’ act, said she did not hesitate to help the young child.  

Surveillance camera’s later showed that the baby had been left on his own for over 40 minutes, When questioned the father, 36 year old Richard Elliot, saidthat he had ‘forgotten’ about the baby.

The little boy was taken by EMS to Methodist Children Hospital and treated for dehydration before being placed in custody of Child Protective Services. 

H/T:Daily Mail

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