Goldfish Undergoes One of The Most Remarkable Surgeries Ever



He must need nerves of steel for this. A vet in Melbourne has performed pioneering surgery on the beloved pet of a local resident. Dr. Tristan Rich performed micro-surgery on George the Goldfish last week.

A large tumour had grown on the head of the 80-gram fish and was negatively impacting on George’s quality of life.


George, believed to be ten years old, was finding it difficult to breathe and swim, and was being bullied by the others in his tank. He was unable to eat properly, and the tumour was affecting his vision too.


The surgery cost $200 and as you can see from the pictures it’s an intricate process.  The fish was sedated, with water trickling over his gills, ‘to keep him asleep and alive’ 


The tumour was so extensive that it had spread all the way down into George’s skull.

‘We had to closely monitor his blood loss, as he’s a tiny little thing and wouldn’t stand losing much blood,’ said Dr. Rich. 


Dr Rich said that the procedure went well and George is in recovery. If his recovery continues to go well, George could live for up to another 20 years.



Rumours that George had already forgotten the entire procedure are yet to be confirmed. Share this fantastic story with your friends by clicking below.

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