Fresh Problems With The iPhone 6 Being Reported



The iPhone 6 has come in for more abuse from users after people have started to complain that there phone is bending after less than a week. The 6 and 6 plus have already been criticized for failing the drop test and for not living up to promises of extended battery life.

The new models, which were launched worldwide last Friday, have been the hot topic of social media for the last few weeks, but now, it is attracting attention for all the wrong reasons in what some users are dubbing ‘#bendgate’.




The flaw is reported to be as a result of the phone’s aluminium alloy frame and the fact that this latest model is thinner than their usual one. So far, bendgate only seems to have occurred in the iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple have yet to comment and until then, maybe don’t put your iPhone in your pocket for too long!




We’re guessing there are a few sweaty brows over in Apple’s PR team right now…

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