Dramatic Scenes On Board A Plane in Pakistan


These dramatic scenes capture the moment that a group of irate passengers prevented a top Pakistani politician from boarding a flight, after they were kept on board for two hours until he arrived.

The deeper connotations of this story revert back to Pakistan’s perceived ‘VIP Culture.’ In Pakistan if a VIP is running late then the plane will ¬†always wait. The VIP’s aren’t elected, to get into politics it needs to run in the family. The rest are known as the silent majority, and this is the first time the the silent majority have been known to stand against the VIP’s.

The countries residents feel that VIPs have the right to hold up flights, skip queues and cause traffic jams – and the public just has to suffer. The growing feeling within the country is that it just isn’t fair.¬†

“150 passengers have been put out because of you,” they argued, demanding an apology and bemoaning the state of the nation.

“We’ve taken it for 68 years. Are we going to take it another 68?” one is heard saying in despair.

The video is being heavily shared on Pakistan’s social media, and a backlash is being touted.

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