David Cameron Caught On Camera Disrespecting The Queen


David Cameron is expected to call The Queen later today to apologise after being caught on camera disrespecting her. In terms of blunders this was one is impressively bad. The Prime Minister was heard to say ‘she purred down the line’ when talking about the outcome of the vote on Scottish independence. 








This isn’t he first time David Cameron has made a mistake.  Here are some other controversial things that he has said in the past that generated a negative reaction from the press…

“UKIP is sort of a bunch of … fruitcakes and loonies and closet racists, mostly.’ April 2006

‘Too many tweets might make a tw*t.’ July 2009

‘I don’t buy the value stuff [bread]… I’ve got a breadmaker which I delight in using and it turns out in all sorts of different ways.’ October 2013

‘I’m a massive fan, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting her a couple of times and she always strikes me as a very funny and warm person.’ December 2013, on being on #TeamNigella during a court case where Nigella Lawson was a witness

‘I have got a piece of supermarket sociology, which is that there is something about Waitrose customers, is that they are the most talkative. I found that if I shop in Waitrose it takes me about twice as long as everyone wants to stop you, and have a chat.

‘Whereas in other supermarkets I find I can dart round very quickly and get everything. It is something about your customers, they are very talkative, engaged people.’ April 2014

‘I have to say that after the events I’ve been facing over the past few day, assassination would be a welcome release.’ September 2014

If the Prime Minister is feeling any pressure however, perhaps he can console himself with the knowledge that his rival for re-election next year is Ed Milliband, and here he is trying to eat a bacon sandwich…


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