Dad Brilliantly Pranks Son Into Thinking He's Got Him A New Car


The majority of us trust our dads and so are therefore at a high level of risk when it comes to practical jokes they may decide to play on us. 

Derek Loretto was the target of an awesome Dad prank after he was duped into thinking there was a brand new car waiting for him at home in the garage.

This was the text exchange that started it all…


Derek was understandably brimming with excitement and made a mad dash home.

His dad had gone to great levels with this prank, even nailing the sign below to the garage door.  



The door opened and  there was no Lamborghini in sight. Derek was naturally  pretty disappointed. There was a note on the floor to keep his hopes up, could this be the clue that leads him to his new car?



That will be a no then….


Derek took the joke well and uploaded the pictures to Twitter. Well played to his dad, he duped him good.  


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