Is This The Crime That Will Put Justin Bieber In Prison?



After numerous arrests and countless incidents of unashamed brattery there is a chance that Justin Bieber has finally gone a squawking step too far and could be heading behind bars. 

The man that everybody loves to hate has been charged with dangerous driving and assault after he crashed his quad bike into a paparazzo’s minivan and got into a punch up.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ claim that Biebs was with on again off again  girlfriend Selena Gomez when the incident happened Friday afternoon near his dad’s home in southwest Ontario, Canada. He is expected to appear in court on September 29.


Here he is, just look at how criminal he is acting (potentially, all speculation of course).

The 20 year old recently pleaded guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest in Miami Beach. He was also collared with assaulting a limo driver in late December and is currently on probation for two years after he egged his neighbour’s house in Los Angeles. It’s possible this latest arrest could trigger a violation – no doubt non-beliebers will rejoice at that news.

Although, should the unthinkable happen and Justin does end up behind bars, be prepared for his album sales to rocket and 50 Cent to try and fight him.

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