The Worlds First Four Dimensional Rollercoaster Is Here



Could this be the most terrifying ride ever? The ground-breaking ‘four dimensional free-fly’ US roller coaster will flip riders in their seats as they plunge off sheer drops at 54mph. This is not for the faint hearted.

Batman: The Ride is  expected to open in July 2015. The ride will spin riders upside down on rotating seats that flip independently of the coaster’s direction of travel. Our advice, think seriously about what you eat beforehand.


The beast will reach a maximum speed of 54mph and drop from up to 105 feet in the air. The beginning of the ride will take a climb up to the 105 feet before it begins it’s twisted path downwards.

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Throughout the stomach churning ride seats will flip riders upside down six times. The cars also plunge onto vertical drops at angles greater than 90 degrees. You are told to expect weightlessness in your 4G experience. That sounds nice, all we can envisage at the moment is fear, screaming, and more fear.

This video should give you an idea of what to expect. Share this with your friends if you think you can stomach the ride. 

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