Newborn Baby Becomes Youngest Internet Sensation After Ruining This Photo-shoot



These images capture the moment that a newborn baby let loose and ruined his first ever photo-shoot with his father, or made it infinitely better, depending upon your stance. 

Ted was being photographed with his 26-year-old father Al Ferguson, from Kent, when he unexpectedly created a picture for his parents to really remember.

The boy’s gangly arms and legs dangling from his father’s arms seemed to capture the a beautiful moment, that is until little Ted unleashed his last meal all over his father. Look at Ted’s face – he actually has a little grin – the absolute renegade.


If you look at his adorable face though, you just wouldn’t be able to do anything other than laugh.



Ted doesn’t know it yet, but he’s surely become one of the youngest ever Internet sensations.

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