Train Journeys Are Normally Normal, These Are Anything But


For most of us catching a train is a means to a destination, an activity that passes us by with minimal fuss. That’s not always the case, and on some occasions we see the most remarkable things happen as we travel along the Great British Railway. 

To celebrate giving away one years free travel worth £2,000 we wanted to take a look at some of the brilliant things that have happened on trains in recent times.

These stories come courtesy of, who are brilliant at trains but rubbish at anything else. Enter the competition to win a year’s free train travel or post your picture of something your brilliant or rubbish at to win weekly prizes.

1. This kid happened…


2. This old man happened…


3. This nightclub happened….


4. These snakes happened…


Thankfully in the UK, this doesn’t happen…



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So what are you brilliant or rubbish at? Time to get entering

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