5 Things Everyone Knows About Women (That Simply Aren't True)


These aren’t just gender stereotypes, but things that some people (not all) presume to be true, as in science true, but they are not.

1. Women aren’t as aggressive as men.

Men are the more aggressive of the sexes, we all know that. Right? Apparently not. Researchers are suggesting that when you de-individuate a person and put them in a situation where they don’t have an individual identity then aggressive attitudes are amplified. This is probably why armed forces wear matching uniform and on the opposite end of the scale hipsters aren’t known for pub brawls. 

This was put to test by having men and women play an interactive video game that required killing other players by dropping bombs on them.

They found that under normal circumstances, men dropped far more bombs than women. But in the deindividuated groups, women out-attacked the men every time, with an average of about five more bombs dropped per session.



2. Women Aren’t as Horny as Men

It’s a stale joke to imply that men are always gagging for some bedroom action but will only ever see it when the woman dictates, which is nowhere near as much as the man would like. Men are rampant pumped up swine that will mount anything with a pulse, where as women are yearning for that emotional connection. 


Nope. A recent study asked a large group of test subjects about their sexual behaviour but put some clever controls in place. It turns out that when women were faced with the chance of someone seeing their answers they became clean cut, reporting only half the number of sexual partners that the group connected to a lie detector claimed. But the women connected to the polygraph actually reported more sexual partners than the men in the same control group. The bottom line here? Women are equally as horny, they just hide it better. 

3. Only Men like Porn

According to this study, women’s brains react just as quickly to erotic images as men’s do–and there are some suggestions that the reaction may even be stronger. They even use different “circuits” to process them as opposed to the pathways that are reserved for everyday images. Basically this is another case of women just not being quite as obvious as men when flaunting their desires.


4. Women Aren’t As Good at Math

This particular stereotype isn’t drilled into our subconscious quite as relentlessly as the others, but it is still definitely there. A quick survey of those taking up all the science, technology and engineering jobs will back that up. The lack of women working in those areas has given birth to the idea that maybe women just aren’t as talented or as interested in those areas as men


Well, results analysing millions of students suggest that there is absolutely no difference in inabilities between the two genders. Nobody knows for sure why the job market doesn’t reflect it, but there it is. 

5. Most Victims of Domestic Violence Are Women

It’s not uncommon to think of domestic violence and to think of a man attacking a woman. In reality women are more likely to abuse, stalk and attack their partners than men are. And there are  hundreds of scientific studies to back up this statement. All the research suggests that more often that not it’s the women that attack the men first.


So, maybe men and women aren’t as different as we think. 

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