10 Reasons Why Nerds Make Better Boyfriends



We recently came across this post on why nerds make better boyfriends, and they make some solid points… Tell us what you think

1. Nerds Solve Problems

I had a smile stretching from ear to ear when I saw that translucent blue liquid making it’s way through the maze of tubes. It took nearly a month of reading, buying the right parts, and installing a liquid cooling system into my custom gaming rig. I would certainly take the same amount of time or more to fix a relationship issue with my partner.

2. Nerds Tell the Truth

A nerd wants complete honesty and truthfulness when in a relationship. Want to know if that outfit your wearing would make a child scream? Your nerd will tell you the truth. So don’t get angry at him for not sugar-coating it … you asked.

3. Nerds Are Passionate

Whether they have a complete collection of G.I. Joe action figures or they know how to build a computer blindfolded, nerds are very passionate about what they love. You can almost be guaranteed that they will have that same passion for you.

Did you waste your time playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook all night? Your nerdy partner will not judge. It’s what you love doing, and that’s A-OK.

4. Nerds Never Stop Learning

They are on a never-ending quest for knowledge. He might have just now figured out how to change the lint trap on the dryer, but to him it’s another life skill conquered.

Having a man who is willing to try new things for the satisfaction of personal growth will assure your relationship stays fresh.

Note: This also applies to the bedroom.

5. Nerds Are Appreciative

Nerdy guys spend their high school years being bullied and picked last for the football team during PE. They know how it feels to be hurt, lonely, embarrassed, and sad, and they never want anyone they love to have to feel the same way. Making nerdy guys appreciative that you have chosen them.

6. Nerds Are Successful

We live in a world built by nerds. Don’t believe me? Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin (Google)—get the picture?

Famous nerds: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

Being a billionaire entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. But the point is, a nerd usually has a job and is successful at it. A job that will come in handy financing your life together. That doesn’t sound too bad.

7. Nerds Listen

It’s true, nerds are excellent listeners. They will gladly sit and listen for hours about how your boss is Cruella de Vil incarnate. Even better, they will help you come up with a plan to take the evil witch down.

Konami code

I want you to find the nearest person to you that plays video games and ask them what the image above means. I bet they will know it’s the Konami code. This was a cheat code that was used in many older video games. If he’s capable of remembering this, he surely shouldn’t have trouble remembering your birthday or anniversary every year.

8. Nerds Are Loyal

I’m a Star Wars fan, not a Star Trek fan. I like Marvel’s characters over DC’s (seriously … Aquaman). And I would commit an illegal act to get Firefly back on the air.

The point is, when a nerd chooses a side, they stay with it. And when a nerd loves you, you can be assured he is in it until death do you part.

9. Nerds Are Authentic

Flashing your nerd card is popular now. So popular that you have to worry about shacking up with a fake nerd. Protect yourself from these impostors by looking for qualities of an authentic nerd. A real nerd doesn’t care about looking cool. He doesn’t require the approval of others. A nerd is always himself. He wears what he wants to wear, plays what he wants to play, and if you don’t like it, too bad! What you see is what you get.

My girlfriend is seen in public with me wearing my “The Binge” t-shirt weekly and she doesn’t judge me one bit. I love her for accepting my nerdy ways.

10. Nerds Are Tech-Savy

So chances are when your close to throwing your phone against the wall because it refuses to load Facebook, they’ll fix the issue in minutes and enjoy doing it. If anything, it will trump listening to another gripping tale of high school football.

H/T: Poosh.co

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