This Is How Twitter Reacted To A Cheating Woman Being Beaten Up


Recently adult performer Christy Mack found herself in hospital from injuries that she allegedly received at the hands of her ex-boyfirend, the MMA fighterWar Machine (a.k.a. Jon Koppenhaver. 

According to a statement that she put out on Twitter, Mack was hosptialized with a broken nose, 18 broken bones, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver, and several missing and broken teeth. At the time of writing she was unable to walk, chew or speak. During the attack, “I believed I was going to die,” she wrote in her statement. (Warning: these photos are extremely graphic and disturbing and NSFW.)


This is not the first time that the MMA fighter has assaulted a woman. He used to work in the adult movie industry himself, and in 2009 he attacked a former girlfriend at an adult industry party.

As soon as the story broke it also emerged on Twitter that Mack  had been caught cheating on him, and that’s the ‘reason’ for the abuse. Koppenhaver had supposedly walked in on her with another man.


With the Internet being the Internet, a widespread whirlwind of different stories have emerged, and so we are unsure of exactly what the truth is. Instead, this article is more an insight into people’s response to a woman being heavily beaten up.


Some people took aim at her profession, as though being in adult movies meant it was okay for her to be abused.




He had his say…


and others showed some empathy





“Not even a porn star” That phrase seems to be knocked around quite a bit in this debate. It’s a shame that in this case people are unable to view others as equal. The majority of the people saying “not even a Porn Star” have probably committed much worse acts than those in which Christy Mack participates, yet because they are personal secrets as oppose to public knowledge, these people are therefore a pedestal above.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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