These Russian Teenagers Are Going To Get It In The Neck From Someone




These Russian teenagers have turned their apartment into a giant swimming pool. They covered the floors with polyethylene film and filled their living room with water.

It was quite hot in Russia, with temperatures topping out around 97 degrees. Thus, the boys took it upon themselves to find a innovative way to cool off. They covered the radiators and the furniture in the flat and filled the room with several feet of water.

As awesome as this is, and it does look awesome, one or two questions do spring to mind. We don’t wish to be too judgemental but this group do not look like home owners paying a mortgage. No, we’re going to take a leap and suggest these renegades do in fact have a landlord. Or parents? Basically, who is going to tell these dreamers that filling your entire apartment with water was short termism?

Sorry, we’re being boring, but what about their skin? This pair are going to be wrinkled up like their grandparents in a matter of hours and then what? How do they empty the pool? open the front door? What if its a basement flat? So many questions.

In the meantime here is a gallery of photos showing just how much fun this bunch of absolute champions are having.

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