They Should Of Warned You About This Before Graduation


5. There will be people graduating from your course that you haven’t seen since Freshers week, we have no idea how these people graduate, it’s one of the great mysteries of the world.


6. Do not get drunk the night before, trying not to vomit in addition to not tripping up is too much for a hungover graduand to deal with!

7. The ceremonies are long! Bum-numbingly long. And everyone is looking at you, so you can’t even Tweet the time away.


8. Expect a lot of nodding and bowing of caps. There is likely also to be over dramatic trumpets and a large phallic-shaped object that is placed on a table but never once referenced.

9. The obligatory throwing of the caps photograph is a thousand times harder than the pictures make out! Getting them all up at the same time but still in the shot, well, it’s likely to be the hardest thing you’ll have encountered at university.

Contributor: Codie Austin

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