These Are The Men's Name That Are Most Likely To Be Loverats



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According to a recent survey men called Wayne, Liam and Ryan are mostly likely to cheat on their partners.

A study of 2,000 women looked at their experiences with men and saw Wayne ranked as the least trustworthy name when it comes to love.


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The survey found 68 per cent of women have fallen victim to a two-timing Casanova at least once.

A spokesperson for siteopia, who did the research said ‘It’s telling that the top three names women try to avoid are also the names of well-known celebrity cheaters.

‘According to the results these men may well have more of a wandering eye than others, but of course it’s a person’s actions they should be judged on not the name they go by.

‘Names have great power and we will naturally recall bad experiences and make certain associations with a name if we’ve been affected by people with that name in the past.’


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These are the 20 names that topped the list.

1. Wayne 

2. Liam  

3. Ryan 

4. Matt 

5. Craig

6. Steve

7. Scott 

8. Dean 

9. Mark 

10. Lee 

11. Harry 

12. Ashley

13. Nick

14. Daniel

15. John

16. Sean

17. Darrell

18. Tom

19. James

20. Jack

Tag anybody you know with one of these names, it’s confession time.

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