Kim Jong-Un Is Forcing All Of North Korea Watch His Favourite Premier League Team



Kim Jong-Un is a huge Manchester United fan, so much so that the dictator has now ordered state TV to broadcast all of their matches.

The notorious communist leader is making sure he and the rest of the country can watch United games, as well as adding Germany’s Bundesliga to the schedules.

Some claim that the order made by the 31 year old means that the games are being streamed illegally.

It also raises more interesting questions about exposure to outside cultures. North Korea has famously tried to hide the advanced technologies used by other nations from their own citizens in the past. This was part of their aim to convince the population that they live in the greatest country on earth. However, with everybody watching games at Old Trafford, it seems inevitable that camera phones etc may all get noticed by the country’s residents.

All that aside, you have to wonder if the dictator will continue to allow for people to see his beloved United struggle. They are yet to win this season, and the North Korean’s don’t like losers.

There were claims that match highlights were edited four years ago during the World Cup in South Africa to ensure that the national team appeared to perform much better than they did. Maybe North Korea thinks that Manchester United held on for a valiant 0-0 draw against MK Don’s on Tuesday night?

Either way, this could be the team talk that Luis Van Gaal needs. Now that the United team know that Kim Jong-Un is watching, surely that will be the hair-dryer  that sorts our their act.

H/T: The Mirror

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