Indian Girl Takes Knife To Uncle Who Attacks Her



An Indian teenager got the ultimate revenge on her Uncle as he attempted to rape her by cutting his penis off. 

The unnamed girl, who is thought to be around 17 or 18, had become sick and her mother asked her sister’s husband, Mahendra Mehta, to try and cure her.

Mehta is known in the local community as a tantrik (a person who practices meditation and ancient rituals). He had decided that his niece was exposed to and influenced by a supernatural power, and so gagged and raped her in his house to rid her of the spirits.

Mehta got away with the first offence, with the women in question deciding not to tell anybody about the incident and consequently nobodyhad any reason to suspect anything.

She wasn’t about to let it happen again though, and the second time she went around to her uncles house she went armed with a mobile phone and a knife.

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