This Guy Was Completely Done Over By His Mates After Getting Too Drunk



Most of us will have been in a situation where we have had a little too much to drink, but usually we just crawl of to bed and sleep it off.

That’s exactly what this man tried to do, except he was at a house party and so he owned no bed in the near vicinity. Instead he chose to slump off and go to sleep in the garage. It was a good idea, until he friends realised that he was missing and went looking for him.

Once they found him, they decided to make him pay for being the first guy to go to sleep.


It all started with a few of your everyday items, Mickey Mouse ears, that kind of thing.


Do you know what this man needs? A tyre to lean on and a trainer on his shoulder


Anything they could get their hands on really, it all belonged to him now.


Is that desk for studying?


And before long….


He was completely covered. 


This student learnt a valuable lesson here.  Don’t be the first one to fall asleep at a house party. 

H/T: Imgur

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