Google Under Fire For 'Bomb Gaza' Game


There’s also a steady supply of games inspired by Israel’s infamous Iron Dome air defense system. Graphics here run from the slick with a touch of realistic to the more kid friendly and cuddly approach. Each  relays the same message: “Our people is in danger, trapped in their own home with wives and kids.”  “Terrorists are infiltrating the city and exploding their-selves in the name of their god. You are our last hope.”



The reality of that shoot-em-up games carrying similar underlying messages are widespread. It just lacks sensitivity that many people are playing in virtual reality something that is very real elsewhere in the world, and that as they bomb an enemy building and kill civilians, somebody else in Gaza may well have lost their life for real.

There are worse games out there with much more graphic violence, but the political connotations of these should surely mean it’s not appropriate for people to be living out this particular virtual reality right now.

What do you think?


Google has removed BombGaza and Gaza Assault, but the rest remain available.

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