Google Under Fire For 'Bomb Gaza' Game


Google Play have come under criticism for some of the games they are selling because they are all about bombing Gaza. The crisis in the Middle East is a hot topic right now, and opinion continues to be divided as to whom, if anyone, is in the right.

So what’s available?

First up we have Bomb Gaza. a well-reviewed app that puts you in the cockpit of an Israeli jet flying low over Gaza’s rooftops. The aim to destroy any building filled with black-clad, rocket-toting Hamas operatives, but be wary of collateral damage: When you’ve killed too many innocent civilians, a “Rage” meter tips into the red zone, and your mission comes to an end.


Next up we have Gaza Assault: Code Red. This game involves taking control of an Israeli UAV equipped with powerful weapons in an attempt to secure the region. It asks if you “have what it takes to protect your citizens.” The message of the game is that you’re fighting to bring about peace, which of course is only possible when the enemy’s territory has been disintegrated to rubble.


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