Dynamo's Shard Levitation Stunt Backfires




We all have our party tricks. Some of us can put our legs behind our heads, and Dynamo can levitate. Well, apparently not any more. The UK’s most famous magician came under fire last night as people were claiming they could see the wires he was using on his latest levitation stunt.

Dynamo’s two previous  stunts were walking on water and levitating off a double decker bus, and so his next play had to be a big one. Well, you can’t get much bigger than The Shard. The illusionist dangled himself 1,016ft above London between the two upper points of the building.

Enjoying his time at the top, Dynamo tweeted this:


Dynamo didn’t get the guffaw of amazed responses he was perhaps hoping for, and instead the abuse started piling in.


Other not so friendly comments included, ‘Dynamo “levitating” on the shard, who saw the wires holding him? #Fail’

Another added: ‘If you look closely what it actually shows is dynamo hanging by a wire.’

Wires or not – the stunt looks amazing, as this ground level video demonstrates.      

What do you think – was this a brilliant illusion or a massive fail?

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