Banksy Painting Sells For £400,000 And Saves Youth Club



The mystery graffiti artist has further endeared himself towards the UK’s youth by auctioning his painting ‘mobile lovers’ with the cash being used to save a youth club. 

The painting sold for £400,000 yesterday and saved the struggling boys’ club in Bristol where he had actually painted it. The painting appeared on a boarded-up doorway at Broad Plain and Riverside Youth Project in Bristol, and the proceeds can now go towards the £300k annual running costs of the club.


On this occasion Banksy was required to do much more than just the painting. The youth club owner thought his financial prayers had been answered when ‘mobile overs’ showed at the club – but then the local council intervened and claimed ownership before putting the work on display in a museum.


Fortunately for the youth club Banksy stepped in and wrote to confirm the boys’ club were the owners of the piece, and that they could do with the piece as they felt fit. Now, thanks to Banksy’s art, this youth centre will continue to operate.

Good news all round!

H/T: The Mirror

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