North Korea Just Received A Shock Delivery From The South And It Wasn't A Unicorn



It has long been thought that many North Korean residents are suffering from famine. Yesterday a few activists from neighbouring South Korea did their bit to aid the problem.

Generous activists  launched balloons across the border with North Korea carrying thousands of Choco Pies – a favoured chocolate snack that has recently become the target of a reported crackdown.

Approximately 200 anti-Pyongyang activists released 50 large helium balloons carrying 770 pounds of snacks, including 10,000 Choco Pies from a park in the border city of Paju, organisers of the event said.


The Choco Pie is a mouth watering confection of chocolate-coated cake and marshmallow – and it has acquired cult status as an often referenced  footnote in the volatile history of inter-Korean ties.

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