Latest Internet Trend Reaches Desperate Levels Of Fame Seeking



The Internet kicks up new trends seemingly as the drop of a hat. Neknominate tapped into a mindset that is now being explored and stretched to increasingly ridiculous lengths. That mindset is a willingness to risk your own health for that brief stint of Internet fame, the small window of opportunity to be viewed as maverick, a star of the doing dumb stuff to yourself world.

So what’s the latest? Its called ‘fire challenge’.

 As the name suggests, it’s a complex one that involves lighting yourself on fire.

Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple — these people want Internet fame and they’re willing to set themselves on fire for it.

Now, they aren’t just lighting their hair or clothing on fire. They’re applying flammable substances to their skin before putting a flame to it. Just today the Metro ran with a story where a 15 year old from Kentuck rubbed alcohol on himself and then started the inferno. The result? Second degree burns! Alcohol! What happened to the days when 15 year olds were sneaking of to the park to drink it? (In fairness, most probably still are, this trend appeals to a very small niche.)

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