Powdered Alcohol That You Can Snort, Coming To The UK



It was only a matter of time really, and the time is now. A US company are hoping to launch a new powdered alcohol range, that will head straight into your bloodstream.

Basically, it should get you wasted, a lot quicker and will come in both vodka and rum varieties.

Their website suggests that users will dilute the powders in water and flavoured mixers, but let’s be honest, nobody is going to be doing that are they.


It will also, according to their site, be available ‘in the United States and abroad’ which means we’re pretty likely to see it over here soon enough.

Naturally, there’s been lots of opposition against the product – with anti-alcohol campaigners suggesting it’ll make alcohol more available to minors and make drink-spiking more common.

We’ll see how this one plays out…

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