Nobody Wants To See These Facebook Statuses During A Heatwave


In case you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside – oh so very hot. With this gluttony of heat comes physical, emotional and digital baggage. You find yourself sweating from body parts that really don’t need sweat glands. The problem with the UK is that hot weather doesn’t suit a lot of us. Public transport is awash with people that look like they have just walked out of a 12 hour police interrogation.

What makes it worse is that it’s THURSDAY! Most of us are working, or locked up inside for reasons beyond our control. We don’t get this weather often, and now we have to watch it out of the window. Torture. What could possibly make it worse? We’ll tell you, people posting one of the following 8 status updates on their Facebook.

Tag them and let them know how annoying it is.

1. “Amazing, I have a day off in the Sun, so glad I’m not slaving away today, I feel sorry for you all!”





2. “OMG, dug out my bikini and it still fit. lol. Would you believe it?

I do believe it because you put a selfie on Facebook, what’s not to believe?


3. “Perfect BBQ, perfect mates, perfect weather, life is #sweet.”

Yep, and so is revenge.


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