MUST HAVE - A Homemade Water Blob Was Designed For Summer Drinking Games



Leisha, the creator of popular DIY blog Homemade Toast, recently posted this awesome and useful guide on how to make a completely leak-proof water blob for the whole family to enjoy in the warm summer months.

What you’ll need to make your very own water blob is an iron, painter’s plastic, parchment paper and a tiny bit of duct tape…oh and water of course!

This is meant for families with kids – but take a closer look and you will see that it was really designed for outdoor drinking fun.

This is what the finished product should look like.


The Fun Part

Water Blob Twister – Pretty self explanatory – take this baby to the next level!

Water Blob Wrestling – Like Sumo wrestling, the first person to be removed from the blob loses, downs their drink, and gets back on the blob with an increased chance of losing again, a vicious, vicious cycle.

Water Blob Human Bowling – Could be painful, and you need a slide (see below picture). Targets stand at the the end of the blob. The human ball goes down the slide, and each victim that is knocked from their feet is forced to drink.


Waterblob Ping Pong – It’s like playing team kick-ups, but with ping-pong. He or she who fails, drinks.

Water Blob Strictly – We all know Strictly Come Dancing, split into two’s the rest are judges, and each allocates a portion of drink to a ‘dirty cup’ dependent upon the performance.

And don’t forget – 

Messy Water Blob Twister – You get the idea

The options are ENDLESS



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