Climate Change Is Bad News For Gingers



Scientists believe the gene that causes red hair could die out if temperatures continue to rise.

Polar bears and Emperor penguins aren’t the only species under threat due to climate change.

Gingers could soon become extinct due to increasingly sunny skies, experts have warned.

Scientists believe the gene that causes red hair is an evolutionary response to cloudy skies and allows inhabitants to get as much Vitamin D as possible.

If predictions of increasing temperatures and dazzling sunshine across Britain turn out to be correct, flaming red heads could cease to exist within centuries.

It’s estimated that only 1% to 2% of the world’s population are ginger, in the north of the UK, where the weather is traditionally more gloomy, this estimate is much higher.

In Scotland 650,000 (about 13% of the population) have red hair and, according to a study carried out last year, 40% of those living in Edinburgh are thought to carry the red hair/blue eye gene.

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