17 awful habits everyone picks up travelling


I can only join the grad scheme if I change my harem pants, cut off my dreadlocks and leave my bongo drum at home? Seems unfair…travelling

Going traveling this summer, or waving off your friends? Then beware: as the weeks pass, the conventions of normal life tend to fall away – not talking to strangers, planning where you’ll sleep tomorrow and even checking Facebook seem like alien concepts.

In their place, new habits will be formed – some good, some not so much. Here are a few to avoid picking up on your travels (and if you do, DEFINITELY leave them there)…

1. Befriending everyone they meet on public transport


If you’re moving to London to start work after travelling, you might want to keep your mouth shut on the 7.39am tube. The girl next to you wearing headphones and a sad face doesn’t want to talk about where her awesome shoes are from and the similar ones you bought for half the price in Asia.

2. Assuming the locals will provide food, advice and transport at the drop of a hat


Wandering into a restaurant and asking for directions won’t be as successful as that time you asked in a cafe in Bali. Chances of the manager giving your and your pals a lift (and some snacks) in England? Pretty much zero.

3. Bartering


Walking into Topshop and demanding you pay half the price on the label while smiling and shaking your head ain’t quite gonna have the same effect as it did in Cambodia.

4. Boasting via social media


You’ve been off the grid for a whole 4 DAYS. Better upload two paragraphs on Facebook detailing all the hilarious experiences you’ve had and your friends haven’t. This won’t work so well when you get back – people will be able to find you and kill you (plus updates about Machu Picchu will be exchanged for what sandwich you went for in Pret A Manger).

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