The UK's 8 Worst Nightclubs


4. Klute in Durham


Famed for being both the worst night in the UK and in Europe, Klute has a mix of cheesy choons and Oxbridge rejects – it should go without saying that this is obviously somewhere to avoid unless you want to take advantage of the inebriated Rowers during their initiation, taunting them and adding to their misery.


3. Manchester – Tiger Tiger


Also well known for being the go-to place for AU clubs, Tiger Tiger is filled with Rugby boys in fancy-dress downing pints and ‘ladding it up’ on the dance-floor. Unless you want to spend the night in an 80’s disco-ball listening to the top 40, sandwiched between sweaty drunk men then Tiger Tiger is probably best avoided.


2. Mechu – Birmingham


A ‘Hip bar and glamorous club serving champagnes with bare brickwork and purple timber floor,’ Mechu was also voted worst club in Birmingham by Tab readers and for good reason – cocktails can cost upwards of £7 and bouncers and bar staff have a less than glittering reputation.


1. Jesters Night Club – Southampton


As a visitor to the delightful city of Southampton, I was taken to the less than delightful Jesters nightclub and caught in the middle of a bar fight in less than two minutes of being ‘inside’ – pinned against the pole (propping up the roof) in the outside area by brawling boys on leave from the navy, or so I was informed. Fights are a regular occurrence in Jesters, and you will probably be collateral damage if you set foot in the sticky floored venue. As the Soton Tab put it, ‘the only way you’ll get through the night is to get absolutely Charlie Sheen-ed.’ A top tip is to make sure you’re not wearing your favourite clothes as you will have snakebite over you by the end of the night.




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