The UK's 8 Worst Nightclubs



Written by Jess Macdonald


They say it’s the people you’re with and not the venue is what makes the night (and maybe a lot of alcohol too!). But here are eight clubs in the UK that you really SHOULD avoid:


8. Every club that has featured ‘stars’ from TOWIE, Made In Chelsea, Geordie Shore or The Valleys . . .


If you’re a fan of the supposed celebrity, you’ll invariably queue up for over an hour to snap a selfie, and newsflash: none of your Facebook friends will be interested in your mugshot of Jamie Lang because they’ll all have one too. If you’re not a fan, then you’ll want to leave pretty quickly to avoid screaming teenage girls swooning over people who are better known for their fashion choices than their ‘acting.’


7. Concorde 2 – Brighton


Faux-hippies run free at Concorde 2 Reggae Nights where clientele are inevitably ‘privileged white-kids’ talking about the environment. This isn’t your usual dress up venue, with the Brighton locals believing they are actually one step away from changing the universe. A back-drop of Bob Marley encourages you to ‘be happy’ but the smell from the proudly unwashed is enough to send you into a downward spiral.


6. WonderWorld – Milton Keynes


Tucked away in a shopping centre between a Frankie and Benny’s and a Quicksilver, WonderWorld doesn’t equate to the most ideal location for revelers to slip into oblivion without having to pass back to the outside world through neon strip lighting. With décor likened to laser quest, you’d probably be better off taking ten friends to play with real laser beams if you want to be guaranteed a good time.


5. Halo Leeds


You know the expression ‘dancing on their graves?’ Here at Halo Leeds you can dance on and beside the remains of actual human beings from long ago. The church/club isn’t for the religious… or for anyone who believes in ghosts. The novelty may wear off and the club might close down and be turned into a Chinese restaurant, like the similar derelict building in the city of Derby, but it doesn’t look like Halo will be leaving Leeds any time soon.

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