Everyone Needs To Know The 22 Official Rules For Calling "Shotgun". Lad Insurance Policy!



Forget Car insurance, this  is the Insurance Policy that really matters.

The expression “riding shotgun” is derived from “shotgun messenger”, a common term for “express messenger”, in the days of stagecoach travel the person in the position next to the driver. But in this day and age it is used by yelling “SHOTGUN” and claiming what is rightfully yours! Until it is questioned or objected by other passengers, this will not be an issue if you have read the following rules!


1. The shotgun caller must be in clear sight of the car (even if the driver isn’t).

2. “The Deed” – Any activity that directly precedes the ride eg. stopping for food, visiting a friend, etc. Accepting this concept is important because it establishes a Shotgun-calling time frame that ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to start calling.

3. When simultaneous shotgun is called, a footrace will follow. The first person to touch the passenger door handlebar wins.

4. Shotgun must be called outdoors. If the Deed takes place indoors, the Deed is “done” only after you have left the building in which the Deed took place.

5. Once shotgun has been called for the front seat then back left and back right can be called. This leaves the slowest person to travel in the middle.

6. Anyone calling shotgun must have shoes on. This prevents opportunistic people from running outside and calling shotgun, then having to go back inside – slowing down the journey.

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