The 2014 World Cup Drinking Game


World Cup Drinking

The World Cup is finally upon us, so let’s get straight to the point and lay down the rules.

This is what you need before kick off:

A large bottle of spirits between all participants, and your own personal stash of Beer or Cider or Wine if you’re crazy.

You’ll also need a shot glass each and an empty pint glass (more on that later!)

Cut out some cards out of a blank sheet of paper and colour them yellow, or just write yellow on them.

The basic rules will stay the same for every game:

  • 1) Take 1 shot per goal
  • 2) Drink for 5 seconds for a yellow card
  • 3) 2 shots for a red card
  • 4) There is no bathroom break allowed until the first goal, yellow card, or half time.
  • 5) Right hand rule for the first half, you must drink with only your right hand.
  • 6) Left hand rule for the second half.
  • 7) Every time the ball is picked up you must begin drinking your beer or cider or wine and can’t stop until it is put down, this can be a goalkeeper, ref or outfield player.
  • 8) When a penalty is awarded you must shout goal or miss, if you are wrong you must down your drink.
  • 9) If an own goal is scored everyone must down their drinks.
  • 10) Offside Rule – when somebody is flagged offside you must raise your arm, the last person to do so drinks for 5 seconds
  • 10) If someone goes down injured you must drink until he gets up again.
  • 11) Drink for 5 seconds for every sub that’s made.
  • 12) If you break a rule, ie left hand rule, or bathroom rule or fail to drink a shot you will be awarded a yellow card. You don’t want to receive two yellows, if you do then the empty pint glass must be filled with some of everyone’s drink and a full shot must be downed!

 The next page has rules specific for the England Games

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