32 things only tea addicts understand


“Fancy a coffee?” Said no tea addict, ever.

There are two types of people in this world: people who drink tea, and all those other freaks.

A true tea lover never puts too much milk in, will offer you a drink as soon as you walk in the door and knows that EVERY problem on this Earth can be solved with a cuppa,

Think your love for tea runs as deep as ours? Then you’ll identify with all of the following…

1. Tea is essential to begin your day


2. Bad day? Put the kettle on.


3. Good day? Put the kettle on.


4. You fantasise about tea when the weather’s cold


5. But you drink it right the way through summer too


26°C outside? Bet you sneak indoors at some point.

6. You’re excited about your new job mainly because of this…


So you can buy one of those badass take away ceramic cups for the commute. #Businesstime

7. You’re devastated when someone takes your favourite mug


Every day you battle it out with your colleagues/housemates for the only mug big enough to fulfil your needs.

8. Until it becomes so stressful you buy your very own


9. Then hide it


10. You have a stash of posh tea bags in your desk drawer/under your bed


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