The 20 Types of Snapchat Selfie


Snapchat has become a bit of a sensation during the past year. Over a quarter of smartphone users now have that little smiling ghost icon on their menus. 

But when you consider the concept of the app, and take a take a look at the kinds of snaps that are exchanged on a regular basis, it does bring into question the reason for its appeal.

Behold, 20 ridiculous types of Snapchats that most users will be very familiar with…

1. The Drunken Selfie

Usually received on a Friday or Saturday night, from a clearly highly intoxicated individual who probably won’t remember sending it and would probably rather not be reminded.


2. The Animal Companion 

An attempt at cute, but nothing can take away from the petrified expression on the pet’s face, having just been swept off their paws and forced in front of the camera lens.


3. The Thumb Face

The fascination with merging one’s face with one’s neck to create multiple chins is something that some Snapchat users will never get over. Very impressive, congratulations on looking like a thumb.


4. The Food Porn

Too often Snapchat is used to flaunt food. The delicious-looking meal that someone else is about to eat is never something one particularly wants to see, yet many users feel the need to send these food snaps three or more times a day.


5. The Work of Art

Snapchat’s nifty drawing option brings a new creative dimension to the app. But you can’t help but wonder how much spare time someone must have to create such a masterpiece, only for it to last a mere 10 seconds.


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