17 Things People From The Midlands Know To Be True


Too often it feels like Britain gets divided into North and South. People talk about the divide in economy and culture between the North and South, which is not surprising when the ‘North’ is supposed to include an entire other country; no wonder Scotland is tired of being lumped in with the English!

But the real question is this: what about the Midlands? The Midlands have a proud history and as much to shout about as the rest of the country, so what’s all this North/South business all about? It’s time to set the record straight, it’s time to show the Midlands the love it deserves.

1. It is not the shithole that people claim it to be


2. It’s actually bloomin’ beautiful in the Midlands


These are the Malvern Hills and we think you’ll agree they are spectacular!

3. Not everyone speaks with a Brummie accent


Only people from Birmingham, funnily enough.

4. However, the dialect across the Midlands is brilliant


5. Midlanders really are the most enlightened folk


Despite the fact that Sammy Johnson looks rather confused here.

6. The king of curries was invented in the Midlands


It’s claimed that the Balti curry was invented in Birmingham; curry houses actually tried to apply for the ‘Birmingham Balti’ to be given EU-protected status.

7. 2 Tone is the best thing to come out of punk


8. Midlanders are the best dressed people in the country



Both Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith are native Midlanders!

9. The Spaghetti Junction isn’t that bad really


It’s actually strangely beautiful underneath


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