The 15 Types Of Housemate Nobody Wants To Live With

We recently got chatting to the guys at Urban Roost who work their socks off improving student living in London by hooking people up with like-minded flatmates and then finding them great value properties. Rents in London are ridiculous as it is and students get ripped off by their Uni Accommodation so they have already helped tons of people.
As you’d expect being in the profession of flatmating they come across everything weird, whacky and wonderful you could imagine and they helped us build this list of the housemates nobody wants to live with.

We are sorry to tell you this, and it may hurt a little, but if you don’t live with anybody on this list, then you’re probably on it yourself.

1. The Wannabe DJ.


You know they’re in their room because the music is on AND THE WHOLE STREET CAN HEAR IT! It’s a surprise they haven’t developed tinnitus.

2. The Noter


What is wrong with talking to one another with our mouths that we were so fortunately gifted?

3. The Borrower.


It starts out with milk, and then you realise your shampoo looks a little empty, not to mention the frustratingly empty tube of toothpaste. Before you know it you’re lending them a fiver to pop to she shops with, or  twenty quid for a night out. They will never pay you back. EVER

4. The Borderline Alcoholic.


This person will always be asking you if you ‘fancy a tipple’ as they hastily take a gulp to celebrate the opening sequence of Game Of Thrones, Or Newsnight, or whatever is in their immediate vicinity and could be palmed off as drink worthy.

5. The Night Watcher


Just as you’re contemplating going to bed they’re deciding what to have for dinner. The low hum of the living room TV only stops at around 3 a.m, and they’ll be sitting on their laptop for hours after that.

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