15 Problems Only Single People Can Understand


Being single is great, it allows you freedom to whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. It’s not without it’s pit falls though, and here are problems that only single people can understand.

1. Patronising Couples

You know the ones, couples that look longingly into each others eyes and just as you’re about to vomit they turn around and say “you’ll meet that special somebody one day.” You have to bite your tongue and not remind them they have kept everybody awake the last 3 Saturday nights with their full throttle arguing.

Shoot Himself

2. Family Pressure

At Christmas your Grandma corners you and asks if you’ve found anybody yet. As time drifts by you realize that they are starting to suspect you of being an asexual drug addict.

Falling off chair

3. Online Dating Stigma

To try or not to try? That’s the question. Some people perceive it as desperate, some as just lighthearted fun.


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