This Guy Believes he has VIDEO PROOF Showing No Planes Hit The WTC On 9/11


Many truthers remain skeptical that the attacks coordinated on the United States on September 11, 2001 were in fact not the result of terrorists, but a complex government plan. Recently discovered in the videos of that day is irrefutable proof showing that what we saw on TV that day, might not have been true.

Seen in a clip is two aspects showing that what we saw, most likely didn’t happen. First of all, the plane penetrated the sides of the second WTC building with ease before exploding inside. As the creator of the video notes, the flimsy plane wings would never have been able to penetrate thick steel and reinforced concrete as it did in the clip.

Next on the list is something no one could possibly argue with. Shown in slow motion, the plane’s wing, before coming into contact with the building, seems to pass behind a building that is quite far in the background of the two towers. It is clear that the mishap was the result of a computer graphics glitch that happened during the creation process.

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