The UK Government is allowing the Destruction of Robins eggs and nests, is it for Personal Gain? Or Freaky Coincidence?



Photo Credit: Nick Cantle

It has emerged that a Government donor, with limited environmental experience, may be about to pass a law that allows the destruction of robins nests and eggs, with the main benefactor being property developers such as himself.

The humble robin is among the UK’s favourite garden birds, with its orange breast almost synonymous with Christmas cards since the Victorian era. Now it’s well-being is the cause for much controversy, as an article originally created by Tom Pride begins to go viral.

It has recently been announced that Nature England, the body that advises that government on the natural environment, has made the case for allowing people to destroy the birds’ nest and remove their eggs, the reason they say is growing concerns over health and safety. The potential ruling stretches to other birds too, including the pied wagtails and starlings.

The ruling will mean that there is the potential for people to destroy eggs and nests that they stumble across – and though the ins and outs are yet to be clarified, it is feared this could be done at will, without any form of monitoring.

Nature England’s 48 page dossier on the subject doesn’t really shed any further light on why exactly it is suddenly to be allowed, other than stating that these birds can present a “public health and safety hazard.”

The Theory – (Originally Created by Tom Pride on his Personal Blog)

In 2013 Andrew Sells was installed as the new Chair of Nature England. Prior to his new role Andrew Sells was a Chartered accountant with no notable experience in nature or environmental matters.

With no credentials, how did Sells secure the job? We do not know for sure, but he is a donor to the Conservative Party that effectively gave him the position, and in 2011 he donated £111,250.


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