South Korea's Made A Statement About Women And Parking



The argument over women drivers being worse than men dates back decades. Traditionally it has been lighthearted banter in the battle of the sexes, but South Korea have made a bold new move that is being perceived by some as sexist.

The capital city, Seoul, has introduced larger parking spaces just for lady drivers marked out in pink paint with a mini-skirted logo.

Apparently this is part of a $95 million to make the city more friendly to women.

These ‘lady-friendly’ parking spaces, like disabled spaces, are closer to entrances and lifts.


Whilst South Korea is one the most rapidly developing countries in the world, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise when it comes to gender inequality.

Some businesses in South Korea are known to pay men more for doing exactly the same job as women. It is also tradition for the eldest man to dictate conversation on social outings, and the women go home only with his say so.

Having said that the Korean youth are breaking away from these traditions, and the country is becoming much more cosmopolitan, which is why the pink parking space may be seen as a bit of a step back, depending on how you perceive it.

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