Read Between The Lines - 10 Things That Woman Say But They Don’t Really Mean


We recently ran a piece on the 10 most common lies that a man will tell. Well, here is the womans equivalent, although they’re not necessarily telling fibs, it’s more down to you to read between the lines.

1.  “It’s a common problem babe, it happens to everyone; it’s not a big deal”

The saga to end all sagas.  When men can’t get it up, it’s down to the women to lie their ass off and make their boyfriend/husband feel better about his teeny, weeny limp penis.  It’s probably the best and most used lie.  Ps – It is definitely a big deal!



2.        “Sure you can call me”

I’ve saved you in my contacts as ‘do not answer’ but yeah, sure thing, call me.  No clue.


3.  “I’ve only had 5 sexual partners”

To be honest we don’t ever understand why this question comes up in conversation between couples.  The whole ethos of the question is loaded and it will inevitably end in tears.  Why do you want to know how many people your girlfriend has slept with anyway?

Whatever her answer, multiply it by 5.  That might be a bit closer to the truth.

Sex partners wink



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