Oh My God, I Hope he Washes it



 6. There is definitely some weird growth happening here, what is that? I better not get one growing on my chin now!?

 7. Why hasn’t he cum yet?  I’ll bet he thought having a pull before heading out tonight was a good idea.  Now I’m just bored and I’ve got lock jaw.

 8. No, he’s probably gay?  Like that guy out of Prison Break, he’s gay…  Wentworth Miller…..  I think that’s his name.  He’s hot.  Wish I was sucking him off right now……..

 9. Maybe I am doing it wrong.  As if.  Maybe if I slip him the thumb….. Ooops maybe not.  He’s not ready for that kind of commitment yet!

 10. I miss one minute Jack.  At least you knew where you stood and could make plans.


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