Man Sheds 19st After Wife Calls Him "Jabba The Hut"



When you put on a few pounds it’s natural to be sensitive to comments about your waistline.

So imagine the big crack in your ego after being compared to a huge slug-like alien creature, by your wife, the one person who is supposed to find you attractive.

That’s exactly what happened to Alan Oates, and he found the comment so cutting and hurtful that he lost 120kg (19st) in 18 months.

The former lorry driver, who was suffering heart problems, weighed 212kg (33st 7lb) with a 172vm (68in) waist and needed an oxygen mask for 15 hours a day to help him breathe.

Alan admits to gorging on fry-ups and takeaways, with his only exercise an after-dinner darts match twice a week down the pub – followed by another meal.

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