How high is the Quality of UK Universities?


The increase in student fees and the sheer volume of graduates has led to many young people questioning whether or not University is a worthwhile venture any more. Each year The Times publish a list that ranks all of the Universities on a global scale, and it’s a good opportunity to assess whether or not UK students are getting their money’s worth.

The Times Higher Education rankings are the only ones that judge universities across all of their core missions – teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and international outlook.

The Top 10 Universities:

  1. California Institute of technology (USA)
  2. University of Oxford (UK)
  3. Harvard University (USA)
  4. Stanford University (USA)
  5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
  6. Princeton University (USA)
  7. Cambridge University (UK)
  8. University of California, Berkeley (USA)
  9. University of Chicago (USA)
  10. Imperial College London (UK)

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