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The beginning of the World Cup is less than a month away and the fever will soon be catching us all. Most World Cups have their own memorable song, from the famous Three Lions to Vindaloo,  it’s a borderline essential part of a great tournament. We think think we may have found the right song for England this summer, Bring it Home by Disco Mister. Bring it Home has already been given the thumbs up from stars including Jack Whitehall and Rick Witter, and with its fun video and catchy tune it’s a hit with us.

Disco Mister are two secondary school teachers at Huntington School in York, named Robin and Ian. Robin and Ian took five minutes of their time to talk to HelloU about their World Cup song (Video at the bottom of the page)

What’s the thinking behind Bring it Home?

We wanted to write a song that would bring hope for the people, and send a positive message out. We seem to often go into World Cups with memories of pain, or nervousness, and forget what a celebration it should be. What we’ve tried to do with Bring it home is have a little fun, and turn it all around to a more positive experience, and I think you can see that in the video.

How have the Pupils at School reacted?

They’ve really gotten behind it. It’s been great to be honest. Huntington School is a very creative School anyway, and we have a lot of creative students. They really enjoy it, and they’ve all been retweeting it and trying to get celebrities to retweet it. It’s brilliant.

Who are you Tipping for the World Cup?

Ummm. England or Argentina.

And here is Bring it Home by Disco Mister, let’s all get behind it and show support for this great song.

You can follow Disco Mister on Twitter and Facebook

And ther song is available to buy on ITunes here

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