Calls for Stephen Sutton to be Knighted are Gathering Momentum


Stephen Suttons remarkable story continues to move in new directions. The latest development is a petition for the brave Cancer sufferer to receive a knighthood.

When we last checked the petition on Stephen’s behalf had reached over 19k signatures, with just 6k more needed for him to be eligible. Stephen has demonstrated tenacity, and maturity levels that most of us won’t ever reach in our lifetimes in his battle against cancer. He has captured the hearts of many, including big name celebrities such as Jason Manfield, Russel Brand, and Steve Coogan, and in doing so has raised over £3m for charity, a feat that deserves recognition of the highest order, and that’s why we agree that he should be given the knighthood.


You can sign the petition on Stephens behalf here. It’s a great opportunity for us to recognise the bravery and incredible positivity demonstrated by somebody who has become a national inspiration.

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