5 Crazy Sex Myths that are Actually True


We’re not normally ones to spread vicious gossip around to scaremonger today’s youth into prudish behavioral patterns, but the truth is the truth, and here it is.

1. The Man can break his Penis, you can even hear it snap

The Myth: When the lady is bouncing up and down on the man in Hollywood sex mode she needs to calm her excitement because if she lands wrong she could actually break his penis, and that means a cast for the little fellow.

The Truth: There is no way that can be true? Where’s the bone?

Well, there are two cylinders of tissue that become rigid during an erection, and if she lands on it wrong, it can break, with an “audible cracking sound.”

2. it’s like there was two of you and then you became Siamese twins, forever.

The Myth: My cousin Charlie told me about a friend of a friend who knew somebody that once met a guy that told him this story he’d overheard in the pub. Basically, a married man’s wife walks in and catches him in the act with somebody else, his natural reaction was to try and run away but he couldn’t because he was stuck inside her. They’re still stuck together now living off takeaways and You Tube hits.

The Truth: it’s a rarely documented but not unknown phenomenon called penis captivus. Doctors once reported a young couple being brought in via ambulance and carried into the emergency room on a single stretcher, as they were stuck together like conjoined twins joined at the genitals, you could say they were the perfect match.


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