17 Ways to Determine Whether You're a Casual Drunk or an Alcoholic




5. If you get in a drunken fight with your other half, you’re a casual drunk; if your other half dumps you because of your repeated drunken shenanigans, you’re an alcoholic. (Especially if you never remember them)

6. If you black out one night, you’re a casual drunk; if you don’t remember your entire spring, you’re an alcoholic.

7. If you have a drunk one-night stand, you’re a casual drunk; If you’re wasted every time you hook up with someone, that may just be your style. But if you can’t remember hooking up with anyone because you were too drunk or you never actually get to hook up with anyone because your drunk self is repulsive to others, then you’re an alcoholic.

8. If you’ve gotten in a drunken fight with a friend, you’re a casual drunk; if you’ve had five best friends in the past twelve months and lost them all to drunken arguments, you’re an alcoholic.





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